If your job requires you to travel than it would be wise to follow a schedule or routine so that you never leave the house feeling like you forgot something. According to an article on Financial Times seven tips were presented to get the most out of your business travel. Those seven tips are: Make a packing list, paper boarding passes still work better than mobile ones, try to get on plane first so that you have the space you need for your luggage, put the hotel duvet in the closet, leave your workout clothes at home, opt for using public transportation, and don’t assume just because you are in a foreign land that they don’t speak some English because about a quarter of the world can speak a little English. In another article from Forbes, it is suggested that as a business traveler, you should remember the Boy Scouts motto, be ready for anything. Many business trips wind up being last minute so always having a ready-to-go bag pack is a good idea. You never know when you are going to get a call or a text from your boss that says pack your bags, you are leaving the county tomorrow.

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