Insider Franchise Marketing Tips for Boosting Foot Traffic in 2017 And Beyond

While technology keeps on changing on a daily basis, the franchise marketing teams should also work to evolve so that they can stay profitable and relevant in this business. They should also embrace the dynamic technology to entice their clients to cope up with the trends. If you want to have your clients visit your locations, you require a prolific strategy that engages online clients, in the stores, on the client’s mobile phones, and any other place. In this piece, we have a roundup of tools that can work for the benefits of the franchise marketers’ best practices that yield results. For more information, check it out here.

1. Target Mobile Advertising to Individual Locations

Mobile advertising can be one of the most effective uses for the franchisers to set a target for their local consumers in the franchise location area with the consumer’s ever-present use of smartphones. Based on …