3 Tips for Preventing Injuries in the Workplace

Workplace injuries are an all-too-common occurrence in many professional environments. Although injuries are particularly prevalent in industrial settings, they also occur with regularity in work environments that are less physically demanding. Fortunately, the vast majority of workplace injuries are entirely avoidable. Arming oneself with the proper knowledge and exercising a consistent level of caution can go a long way in preventing on-the-job mishaps. Individuals and businesses looking to nip workplace injuries in the bud would be wise to heed the following pointers.

1. Require Workers to Don Safety Attire

Many of the injuries that occur at manufacturing facilities and construction sites can be avoided with the right safety attire. Unfortunately, while they technically require employees to don hardhats, safety goggles and other protective attire, some businesses don’t do much to enforce this rule. Since many workers find safety gear restrictive or uncomfortable, they won’t hesitate to take it off if …