Enhance Your Skills in Python with Zeolearn

About the Python Certified Course

If you are looking to pursue your career as a web developer, then you can pick up this beginners course on Python training to gain expertise. Learn how to unit test the Python applications, learn about Python design philosophy, Python architecture, Python scripts, applications and packages from this course. This is an immersive, hands-on training from Python experts directly. The Python trainers from the academy will help you to implement Python at ease in your future projects. It is a 24 hours instructor-led training course.

Python offers the highest stability, programming productivity, is functional and robust. You need to be familiar with the basic programming concepts as well as object-oriented concepts before you pick up this course. You can create extensive Python packages if you pursue this course. By learning this course, you can harness the powerful features of Python and can explore its capabilities very easily. The Python trainers from the academy will help you to implement Python at ease in your future projects. It is a 24 hours instructor-led training course. This Python certified course will be very beneficial in your coding job.

You can get the course curriculum below.

  • Python installations, versions, running Python script, Python editors, variables, keywords, built-in functions, strings, literals, operators, expressions, string formatting, command line parameters
  • Flow Control, Indenting, if and elif statements, while loops, using lists, for statements, range() functions
  • Indexing, Slicing, Enumerate(), xrange() function, list comprehensions, generator expressions, dictionaries and sets.
  • Formal parameters of functions, local variables, returning values, global variables
  • Reading text files, working with files, pickle module and ┬áraw data
  • Syntax error handling and exception handling
  • Dictionaries and sets
  • Using modules, module search path, path installation
  • Pattern matching, parsing data, complex substitutions, RE tips and tricks
  • Defining classes, methods, static methods, private methods, inheritance, module aliases and Regular expressions.

About The Programming Courses Available

Zeolearn offers about 23 programming language courses that help the candidates to take up a career in programming and web development and app development. These courses are available in online classroom mode, classroom mode, one to one training and team/corporate training. You can pick any of the training modes as per your convenience. The various courses are:

  1. Advanced Scala
  2. ASP.Net
  3. ASP.Net MVC
  4. C#
  5. Design Pattern Principles and Best Practices for.Net
  6. Design Pattern Principles and Best Practices for Java/J2EE
  7. F#
  8. Java 101
  9. Java Deep Dive
  10. Java Design Patterns and UML
  11. Machine Learning using R
  12. Master Groovy
  13. Master R Programming
  14. Master Swift
  15. Perl 101
  16. Perl Deep Dive
  17. PHP 101
  18. PHP Deep Dive
  19. Python
  20. Python Deep Dive
  21. Ruby 101
  22. Ruby Deep Dive
  23. Scala 101

Why Must You Go For Zeolearn

Zeolearn is a well-known academy for offering certified courses with authenticity with exhaustive reference materials and excellent training from experienced professionals who will take your skill to the next level. Register with Zeolearn and get a rewarding career in any programming language by taking up any of the preferred certified training.