While technology keeps on changing on a daily basis, the franchise marketing teams should also work to evolve so that they can stay profitable and relevant in this business. They should also embrace the dynamic technology to entice their clients to cope up with the trends. If you want to have your clients visit your locations, you require a prolific strategy that engages online clients, in the stores, on the client’s mobile phones, and any other place. In this piece, we have a roundup of tools that can work for the benefits of the franchise marketers’ best practices that yield results. For more information, check it out here.

1. Target Mobile Advertising to Individual Locations

Mobile advertising can be one of the most effective uses for the franchisers to set a target for their local consumers in the franchise location area with the consumer’s ever-present use of smartphones. Based on the location software, consider texting the specials for the local in-stores as well as the promotion of loyal clients in a loyalty program. You can also share the coupons to the smartphone users when they enter their residence or locations. Based on the locality, the mobile advertising technology helps you serve the clients well. This action works for the benefit of the people as well as the store owner.

2. Use the In-store Digital Signage to Encourage Loyal Fans

Every consumer wants to be recognized for their patriotism or loyalty to your business. With the Instagram Apps, Social Media Apps, and digital signage, the consumers have the capability to use hashtags on their primary locations to see themselves in the display screens of the stores. With some apps, you can launch an immediate communication system with your clients across a wide range of locations. You can also use the tool to encourage social media social media engagement with your brand as you keep encouraging or enhancing the overall in-store experience.

3. Promote Referral Programs with Reward and Loyalty

Besides the use of social media recognition, tangible forms of recognition such as the reward and loyalty programs that offer coupons as well as social recognition can be one of the most effective ways of launching marketing and advertising practices. Consider taking into account the number of times the customers visit your locations, how often they take their time sharing your social media posts and tweets, and how often they make purchases in your stores. Marketing relies on referrals as one of the most effective ways of achieving success. You can use existing clients of or other business owners to exchange referrals.

4. Provide Imperative Social Proof with Online Testimonials and Reviews

In the mass use of social proof and social media, the use of social proof is a very important aspect of business marketing as well as advertisement. When a new client checks out your online franchise, it is good for you to have a wide range of positive reviews as they will attract him to doing business with you. Increased foot traffic can be fueled by the numerous online positive reviews about your franchise.