Short Course on Leasing – What You Need To Know

How to Pick a Car Rental Company

There’s surely no better way to discover a new city than by car. But you have to make it a point that you’re driving a good deal when you decide on a rental company and rental car. The following are tips to put you on the right route:

1.Research online.

As with any purchase, you’ll often find the most attractive rates online. Spend time shopping around. If you buy online, you have the luxury of knowing what the rates will be on any car you want, without the discomfort of having a sales clerk breathing down your neck. As well, plenty of companies offer great discounts to those renting through their website. Pricing will of course vary from one company to the next, depending on location, availability, and other factors. But there are other variables to consider as well. Business hours, for instance – certain companies do not operate on weekends. Depending on your own schedule, this can be a problem for you.
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2.Go for a weekend booking.
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Weekend rates are usually cheaper. If your schedule permits, book a weekend rental.

3.Rent weekly.

Weekend prices are awesome, but weekly rates typically reign supreme. You can save over 30 percent if you rent a vehicle for an entire week – seven days straight – and above 10 percent for a five-day rental. If your intention is to rent the car for a minimum of five days, pick the weekly rate.

4. Review the insurance.

When you rent a car, expect to be offered a collision damage waiver (CDW), which gives you coverage in case of a collision, and a loss damage waiver (LDW), which gives the rental company coverage for any loss. Both are good to have, but not if the coverage is already part of your own insurance policy. If you’re unsure, call your insurance agent before signing up for any vehicle. If you plan to use a credit card, your card provider can pay for vehicle damages following an accident. But again, call your card company to be absolutely sure.

5. Book early.

Rates are affected by the number of vehicles available at the time the rental is made, so the earlier you book, the better. It’s good to reserve your car at least a week ahead.

6. Get in the club.

Several of the major companies offer club membership which offers members various treats and privileges for an annual fee. Benefits can include free rental days and airline miles, but you’ll probably only feel savings if you rent frequently. If you belong to this group and rent cars beyond occasionally, then join the club.