Simple Printer Cartridge Refill Ordering Online

Keeping an office productive and operating smoothly takes a significant amount of supplies. Depending on the size of the business, cartridges for printers, fax machines, and copiers can be used up quickly. Instead of taking the time and expense of sending an employee to purchase supplies, order supplies and machinery online.

Save Money

Buying a package of multiple cartridges from the local office supply store is the most expensive way to provide a printer cartridge refill when it is needed. Ordering in bulk, such as by the case or cases, results in paying a lower price per cartridge. Buying all office supplies that way will significantly reduce that expense. Most online companies offer free shipping on bulk orders, which reduces costs even more.

Increase Productivity

Supplies delivered to the business location saves time and increases productivity. No one has to interrupt tasks to get what is essential. The office manager can simply keep track of usage and order more when the stock gets diminished. That leaves more time for scheduling, organizing meetings, and answering the phones.

The Process

Register the business on the website and provide payment information to begin ordering products. It is that simple. The physical business address has to be entered as delivery to a post office box is not possible. At the present time, shipping is available to New Zealand addresses only.


Browse the massive inventory to find the brand of cartridge required for specific machinery. Just about every brand is available, including Hewlett Packard, Verbatim, Lexmark, Fuji Xerox, and Epson. Fax machines, printers, multiple function machines, and scanners are among the products offered. Ribbons, software, storage media, and hardware are offered as well.


Business owners who are not sure of the degree to which this method of getting supplies will save time or money can compare the processes. Add up the expenditures associated with supplies for the past quarter. Order the same amount of supplies for the next quarter online.

Compare the difference and determine if buying online is suitable to the business needs and budget. The result of the comparison may surprise you. It may even be possible to use brand name refills instead of bargain ones and not experience an increase in costs.