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Choosing the Right Flow Meter The job of selecting the right flow meter for a highly specific operation can be an overwhelming one considering the wide range of options you have right now. This likewise is aggravated by the fact that so many different factors are needed to be considered before coming up with the decision. You never should believe when self-proclaimed experts tell you that in selecting a flow meter, it’s really just about the price. The first thing you need to know is if you’re actually in need of a flow meter. There are several applications in which the equipment is required, but it also does not mean you need them all the time. One good example is what you really need is to find out the rate at which liquid or gas is moving through a particular pipeline. If this indeed is what you intend to do, then you just have to purchase a basic flow indicator instead, which you can ask for at the same flow meter vendor or supplier. It makes more sense to buy a flow indicator for this specific application because it will cost less than even the simplest and most basic flow meter. Our next tip is this: don’t buy the cheapest flow meter you can find. It’s not that all of them cheap ones are crude or defective; it’s just that you can’t expect them to be of high and premium quality, especially if you’re using it for a big project. Usually, those low-priced varieties don’t come with technical support or backup from the supplier.
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Additionally, it is as equally important to first identify your flow before you even begin searching for the different options. One thing for sure is that one particular gas or fluid is expected to have a different behavior when they flow through a pipeline. There’s a difference because of a thing called viscosity, which literally is defined as the process of measuring how much the fluid resists the flow. The resistance is the reason for affecting the velocity of the flow through the pipeline.
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It is best to purchase a flow meter that comes with the widest turndown. This right here is a very critical factor because you never will be able to predict or know in advance the specific range of flows that need to be measured. By picking a flow meter with the widest turndown, you will be able to get the assurance that all the anticipated flow variations will be covered. Lastly, it makes the most sense to pick the flow meter that can give you the best application accuracy. If you happen to have the lowest uncertainty when it comes to measurement, it only means that the best option for you is a positive displacement meter. Electromagnetic varieties are best for the widest flow range while turbine meters are used primarily for the highest short-term repeatability.