The wealthiest families are the ones who qualify for establishing the family offices to address a number of their life as well as financial problems. Some traditional service providers such as the private banks and the brokerage companies are establishing their family offices to compete with the fast pace world and provide services to their wealthiest customers. This type of the client-owner relationship is a function of the appeal of the family office models to the rich. There are two major types of family offices- the single-family offices and the multi-family offices.

The Single-Family Offices

This type of the Singapore-based family office is an institutional infrastructure that successfully manages the financial as well as personal issues of a big and wealthy family within themselves. As the term signifies, a single family office is run by the requirements and preferences of the respective family and its members. In this type of an office, there is no specific standard for how one should be structured, as everything is discussed and resolved under one roof.

The Major Disparity

For example, some of the single-family offices are the lanky organizations that aim exceptionally on financing with a carcass crew whereas other family offices are the vigorous organizations that incorporate the in-house staff members, some dealer relationships and an array of quality and trusted services. This major difference explains that it is not easy to establish hard-and-fast principles for how a single-family office is supposed to be explained other than its dedication to their own family.

The Multi-Family Office

The multi-family office structure is nothing but an elaborated model of the present global wealth management. It is a type of business that guides the companies to engage in better and long-lasting relationships with the wealthy and regular clients based on their designed solutions, responsive services, and specialized expertise. In today’s world, some agencies or companies assure themselves as the multi-family offices that usually come from different backgrounds. Some of the single-family offices look forward to sharing their infrastructure prices while others come from small groups of people with similarly minded families that had a scope to expand.

How Can A Family Office Support You?

A reputed and experienced multi-family office such as Golden Equator Wealth will offer you services such as administration, wealth planning, asset consolidation, asset performance monitoring, tax and legal services, charity services, and risk management. These types of services are offered in two ways either by the in-house or by the family office cooperates along with the team of dedicated external associates. A family office can also help you organize your travel arrangements, offer you insurance solutions, help you invest in private equity, mane your real estate, and also manage your yacht. You also get other services as well from a family office service provider as per your needs with reasonable prices. But no matter what type of service you require you must invest some time and research properly before picking such service providers.