Marijuana belongs to a class of addictive substances that cause dependence that can lead to intoxication, substance breakdown and dependence.

Cannabis is actually a term for Canabis (containing delta-9-tetrahydrocabinol / THC) with medium strength.

The reactions expected from the usage of marijuana are actually a feeling of calm and relaxation, euphoria, perception change (color becomes more beautiful) the slowing of time and the increase of emotional perceptions and experiences. But in some people what happens is the opposite. These things include depression, paranoia, anxiety or panic attacks. Chronic marijuana use is also associated with smaller areas of the brain (hippocampus and amygdala) associated with psychosis, depression and cognitive decline.

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Cannabis can last a long time in the body, research shows that after a few weeks even longer after the use of marijuana, marijuana is still present in the body. It is related to its fat-soluble nature and can survive in the fat layer of neural tissue.


Ultimately marijuana will be lost from the body, but how long it takes depends very much on the duration of use and the amount of marijuana consumed. The more and more time consuming marijuana the longer the marijuana will disappear from the body. The less and the longer consuming marijuana the faster the marijuana disappears from the body.


For example, on occasional use it may take several days for marijuana to disappear from the body. While on heavy users can take about a few weeks to 3 months from the last use.

Thus explanation about marijuana. May be useful.